We are temporarily helping our friends at George-Models as the do some website maintenance.

We will be hosting their sales for the short term.  You will see many updates in the store area. 

It doesn’t matter if you come from GM or from TaoZips.  The links are the same.

If you are not familiar with TZ… you get the links to the download by email. There is no list of purchased files in your “members area” of the website.   Make sure you whitelist “” on your email. Check all your spam and promo/social media folders for the links.  On purchase, 3 emails are generated. 1 from ccbill and two from the website.  One of these has your links.  Don’t use Hotmail, aol and try not to use emails from domains that might be blacklisted for spam.

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TaoZips is closing

In response to rampant piracy and general asshattery… and the fact that I’m old and tired… I am taking TaoZips to an invitation only status.

Only a very few souls will get updates.  For everyone else, it will be closed.

This takes effect July 1.  If you have a membership that runs into July I will provide you with content for each week your subscription lasts into July.

Right now… it is safe to reup your subscription for 1 more month.  After this month only the $35 subscription will be available for one more month.  Regular updates WILL CONTINUE until July 1.




New Alice Update!

April showers bring May flowers… and a see through dress for Alice!

Alice is always eager to please.


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