New Sarah Video… and a bonus!

We’ve bundled a short Alice video with this Sarah video update.  Sarah is in some VERY sexy lingerie.  She’s as cute and hot as you have seen her yet!

The camera man had a small error with the Alice video… so we are giving you this very short 1 minute video “bonus” of sorts.  Alice is wearing a very shear outfit.  Bonus, BONUS. 

Remember… this is in the STORE… not in the “member area”.  Member’s still have an active discount coupon I believe.  ENJOY.


Customs from models.

Custom work from some models is available.  At this time Alice and Sarah are not doing customs.  None of the custom work a model does is generally more risque or “nude”.  Models will be showing about the same amount of skin as normal sets.

But… you can control the wardrobe and location, to a point.   And you get 200+ photos and some models will agree to unedited video.

Olia, Veta, Adry and Ella have expressed interest in doing customs for customers.

Now is the time to get your orders in for Custom work.   Time with the models is limited.  It is prioritized to previous customers who bought work, then site members, then anyone else.

You can not remain anonymous and buy custom work.  Sorry.  I will know who you are.

Contact me today to discuss the details.

Double Alice Update! Two Set Bundle for MEMBERS Only.

Ohhh GOODY GOODY!  A double Alice set.

I’m going to be honest with you.  I thought I already published both of these full sets.  I’m losing my mind! (Or I was busy moving cross country… same thing.)

Any who… let’s catch up.


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