Next Week! TaoNudes Return!

There is a photo I get asked about all the time.  It’s from this series.  The series has NEVER been released.   If you knew who the main model was… OMG.  I totally could not believe where this photo session went.  I thought afterwards that I had died and gone to heaven.  We worked together many times.  If there was ever a photo set I wish I could brag on… it would be this one.  There are two models here.  So many hands going on!

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taozips-18 taozips-22

Karisha Terebun is always lovely. presents on Saturday a stunning Karisha Terebun black and white set.

Saturday’s Update! Stay Tuned. 

I always enjoyed working with Karisha.  She’s still an amazing model.  Don’t forget to support her at  .

taozips-58 taozips-17

New Young Model Anastasia!

I worked with Anastasia back in 2014.  She’s a great model from Kiev.  Tall and slender.  I stayed in an apartment that was also the home to now Kiev mayor and former boxer Vitali Klitschko.

I liked this location because it was not far from a great Sushi restaurant!

Stasia’s bikini is just a thin cut up tshirt!

Enjoy sexy Anastasia!

taozips-115 taozips-37

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New Model Alina!

Another Ukraine Beauty!   Naked in public!  A nice flash for all of Kiev from the balcony!

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A Special TaoNudes LIMITED update.

Get it now.  This post will be up for no more than one week.  NO exceptions.  If you miss it I will eventually repost it, but no time soon. (removed 11/3/17, look for an update later in the year.)

NO Preview.  This is not the direction I want to take TaoZips in… But… I do believe in customer service.  This has be requested many many times.

No hint as to who this is.   Sorry.

A word on sharing.  I spend a lot of time when I put these in PDF.  The software I use isn’t cheap.  So if I find you sharing it… I’m going to ban on all of the sites I help.  And if you are in a Nation I can get to you… expect that too.

That being said if you want to share a photo or two in low quality… well the more savvy of you know how to do that… I’ll look the other way.

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Upcoming Updates! More Veta… and something you don’t want to miss!

We will be updating the second installment of the Veta set published this past week.

taozips-141 taozips-75

Also… We will be updating the anonymous TaoNudes series.  This series is too hot to even have a PREVIEW!  I like to keep this site between PG-13 and Rated “R”.  But this anon update will be NC17 or X even beyond MetArt bounderies !!!!


As well… I’m only posting these photos for ONE WEEK.  So you better get them while you can!  Finally… this post will also be in “Secure PDF”.  It’s a pain in the arse to do this, and I don’t do it all the time… but too many of the Anon Nudes get ripped and shared.

New Veta Update on TaoZips!

Veta is one of everyone’s favorite Odessa Ukraine models.  Amazing eyes, a cute smile… and a perfect body.

Sasha Mospan was nice enough to create some great photos for us.  This is part one of the set.  There is a part two with about 100 more photos that will be released next week.

And…. there is a video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s right.  A great video.

taozips-187 taozips-80

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