TaoZips and Cali Skye… a new video!

It’s a long story… but suffice it to say, this will be one of the last Cali Skye updates.  I even had to wheel-and-deal on this one.   Be sure to support Cali where you find her.  She’s a great girl.

Cali Skye TaoZips

This video is different than every other Cali Skye video out there.  Rather than “whore-it-up” as her other video producers insist on doing I thought it would be nice to show the cute and sexy side of Cali.

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Here are a couple of screen grabs.

I worked with Natasha today!  I do love her so.  She’s got energy for days.  He’s a couple of screen grabs.  Had I been back in the State’s I’d of told that asshole in the background to take a hike!  But as I’m a guest in his country I just endured his annoying behavior!

Folks… Keep that membership.  There is going to be some great stuff coming!


vlcsnap-2016-09-03-01h07m06s003 vlcsnap-2016-09-03-01h09m40s802

Update on Updates!!!

If your subscription ends this week or before Wednesday the 7th, I will happily send you the missing updates.  Please don’t feel like I shorted you.  I’ll make sure you get your full month’s worth of content.  Just contact me, I’ll verify your subscription dates and make sure you get this weeks missing content.

Here is a beauty and beast shot to prove I’m actually working.  Not just drunk on the beach in Odessa. IMG_5225

Working with my new DJI OSMO.  I love that little camera.  I’m shooting in mostly 1080… but it shoots up to 4k!

August Updates! Sneak Peek!

August promises to be a great month of updates.

New model Ilona!
New model Victoria!

NEW Tanya George video!!!
New anonymous nudes!  You’re guess is as good as anyone’s!

New Emily Bloom!   And MORE!

Here’s a peek at the upcoming Tanya George video.






Veta Vid #1

A really sexy video from Veta.  I just can’t ever get over just how tight that body is.   God help us all!

Just Veta Antonova

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