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Hurricanes and such. Updates coming.

Sorry for the delay in updating over the past 2 weeks.  I ran off to Texas to help out in Houston.  And, in short order I re injured my back.

Anywho… Updates are resuming.  I’ve got a long awaited Karisha Terebun short set that will be very popular.  I’ve got more Adriana coming.  She seems to be popular.  Emily Bloom will appear again.  Many many good things. Keep that membership rolling.  You don’t want to miss out.

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Updates resume tomorrow. Sorry for the slight delay.

Sorry for the missing update.  I’m on location shooting and the internet here is total SHIT.  It’s taken me more than 10 minutes just to post this text post.

If your membership ended in the past three days, Feb 5,4,3, message me or just comment below and I will make sure you get the next update.

Also… stay tuned for a VERY exciting announcement!


In December you can expect TWO TaoNudes updates.  One of which is the part two to a release from last month that was VERY popular.

You will also see a new Veta video!   And an Ilona video!  As well as our normal one of kind updates!


Upcoming Updates! More Veta… and something you don’t want to miss!

We will be updating the second installment of the Veta set published this past week.

taozips-141 taozips-75

Also… We will be updating the anonymous TaoNudes series.  This series is too hot to even have a PREVIEW!  I like to keep this site between PG-13 and Rated “R”.  But this anon update will be NC17 or X even beyond MetArt bounderies !!!!


As well… I’m only posting these photos for ONE WEEK.  So you better get them while you can!  Finally… this post will also be in “Secure PDF”.  It’s a pain in the arse to do this, and I don’t do it all the time… but too many of the Anon Nudes get ripped and shared.

Amazing announcement!

taozips logo

After talking with several fantastic photographers, I am opening TaoZips up to other artists!

That’s right!  You will now be getting more for your money!  How much depends on the response from the photographers I’ve talked to.  I’m not putting them on a posting schedule.

But I do know that the first contribution will be from Ilona Shevchishina.  Ilona is, in my opinion, Europe’s best photographer.  She is also a model.  And the first photos she is contributing are actual nudes of her!

The next two months promise to be very exciting!  There are move announcements to make!