Beta Testing Alternative Payments

We are beta testing crypto payments.  Right now we only offer manual memberships for 2 months of 5 months.  Shop Now

It’s supposed to be usable for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Etherium.

If you use it, be patient.  Also… know that paying with crypto is a “process”.  But it is an EASY process once you are set up.

I suggest you learn about Crypto Currencies and embrace it.  It’s here to stay.

Memberships will be set up manually.  So this is going to take a little time.  But… if you are already in the crypto markets you might want to spend a little profit rather than pay with a traditional CC.

Go to the “Shop” page to buy with Crypto Currency.

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Hurricanes and such. Updates coming.

Sorry for the delay in updating over the past 2 weeks.  I ran off to Texas to help out in Houston.  And, in short order I re injured my back.

Anywho… Updates are resuming.  I’ve got a long awaited Karisha Terebun short set that will be very popular.  I’ve got more Adriana coming.  She seems to be popular.  Emily Bloom will appear again.  Many many good things. Keep that membership rolling.  You don’t want to miss out.

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Updates resume tomorrow. Sorry for the slight delay.

Sorry for the missing update.  I’m on location shooting and the internet here is total SHIT.  It’s taken me more than 10 minutes just to post this text post.

If your membership ended in the past three days, Feb 5,4,3, message me or just comment below and I will make sure you get the next update.

Also… stay tuned for a VERY exciting announcement!