New Photographer! Alexander Mospan!

I told you last month I was opening TaoZips to other photographers.  It just makes sense.  I’ve already posted some nudes I did not take of Ilona… (and I have an update of her photography soon.)  Now I’d like to introduce you to Sasha Mospan.  Just to clear up the confusion… you will see me call him Alex, Alek, Alexander and Sasha… it all means the same super talented guy.

Some of you are already familiar with some of his work… though you might not know it.  Sasha also shoots for .   Sasha’s in Ukraine so that means all the models will be beautiful!  He will be contributing both nude and non nude updates.

Enjoy the update!

taozips-14 taozips-23


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Updates! Updates! Veta, Phoebe, Katya and Kristina!!

Here’s today’s update and the other three missing updates!

All in one post!  Remember… if your membership ran out between August 30th and September 7th… make a comment below.  (it will be invisible to all but me.)  I will verify your membership and send you the missing content!

We have Kristina, Katya, Phoebe and VETA!   (Preview… Thursday’s update is Cali Skye!)
Kristina is a NOT AT ALL SHY model you will be falling in love with.  There’s more of her after this set.  Phoebe is a well known model that many of you have asked me to include, this is Katya’s second set and we all know and LOVE Veta!


Just Veta Antanova img_3845


dsc_5277 dsc_5284


img_9658 img_9663


img_8141 img_8142


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Here are a couple of screen grabs.

I worked with Natasha today!  I do love her so.  She’s got energy for days.  He’s a couple of screen grabs.  Had I been back in the State’s I’d of told that asshole in the background to take a hike!  But as I’m a guest in his country I just endured his annoying behavior!

Folks… Keep that membership.  There is going to be some great stuff coming!


vlcsnap-2016-09-03-01h07m06s003 vlcsnap-2016-09-03-01h09m40s802

Update on Updates!!!

If your subscription ends this week or before Wednesday the 7th, I will happily send you the missing updates.  Please don’t feel like I shorted you.  I’ll make sure you get your full month’s worth of content.  Just contact me, I’ll verify your subscription dates and make sure you get this weeks missing content.

Here is a beauty and beast shot to prove I’m actually working.  Not just drunk on the beach in Odessa. IMG_5225

Working with my new DJI OSMO.  I love that little camera.  I’m shooting in mostly 1080… but it shoots up to 4k!

Daria is one of my favorite models. Her first set.

I absolutely love working with Daria.  She’s professional, needs little direction and is just so damn pretty.  Not to mention that perfect body.  She’s appeared in some of my videos.  GeorgeModels has many of her sets and videos.

I can’t wait to work with her again!

TaoZips-130 TaoZips-88

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TaoNudes update!

I hate to put these in PDF form… but thieving bastards are making me.

I am well aware you would prefer these be jpgs.   I would prefer to give them to you that way.  It’s quicker, easier.   But… I’m helping both and track down some pirates.

We’ve already tracked down two.  More are coming.

Enjoy the update!  And… thank you very much for your business!

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Tuesday’s Update is another TaoNudes Anonymous!

These are very popular.   We will have another update on Tuesday of TaoNudes.  As always… you have to guess the model!  Many of your favorite models enjoy doing nude work.  But only if it stays anonymous.

Also we will be implementing some extra security on these sets so they don’t get shared.  Share it… and you will be banned.


TaoNudes4b TaoNudes5b TaoNudes1b TaoNudes2b