TaoZips STORE… explained.

First… let me say thank you for your business.  Over the years I’ve gotten to know some of you.  Many of you.  Most of you are great people and a pleasure to deal with.  Some of you… well… I still appreciate your support.

Anywho… I got email today from a good customer.  It was similar to one post I saw in a forum and another email I got a week ago.

The store is NOT included in the membership.  A few are asking why.  

Because it does not make financial sense to give away more than 6 updates with a $25 membership.   With a membership you are getting between 5-6 updates each month.  That’s less than $5 an update.

No one else is offering you Veta, Alice and Sarah (and more models) updates for $5.

As I explained to my good customer.  I could just start TaoZips2.com and charge another $25 for the updates.  Then there would be no expectation for more content from TaoZips.   How is this different than a MarvelCharm and TeenMarvel?  Or METART and any of the 10 sites they run?

I do things differently.  I always have, always will.  While everyone was charging you for downloads I gave you a membership.  Now… I’m doing both.   It’s the only way to make sure the content keeps coming.  This business gets more expensive everyday.  Pirates and money transfers are expensive.   Money transfers to Russia are insane…. and likely to get worse soon.

The margins in this business shrink everyday.  This is a fact.

I’d love to do one membership with two updates each week.  That’s how I started.  But the return isn’t there.  If it improved, I’d return to 8 updates each month for $25.

But it’s not going to get better.

Also… let me say.  I don’t own or control the content for George-Mag, George-Models, George-Dreams, Kiss-Girls or any other website except TaoZips.biz.   I help friends and have business relationships with these sites.  But I can’t speak to why some are struggling, because I either don’t know or it would be inappropriate to elaborate.

But I will say this as a blanket statement.  This is not a “if you build it they will come” business.   Even if you are Alice, Karisha or Tanya.

I hope this clears things up.  Again… thank you so much for your support.  I appreciate it.  So do the models.