10 Most Beautiful Girls on the Internet

I was asked by a fan… “who do you think the hottest girl on the internet is now…”

I didn’t have to give it much thought.  It’s hands down Tanya George.  But here’s an entire list!  Including a few up and comers worth your attention.

1.  Tanya George  https://www.instagram.com/tanyageorge/?hl=en

Tanya is not just beautiful, but is also a good person.  Beautiful in every way.  See more of her at www.George-Mag.com

2.  Viki Odintcova  https://www.instagram.com/viki_odintcova/?hl=en

Viki’s probably the hottest of the Mavrin models.  I always find it odd to see a model only work with one photographer.  Strange.

3.  Adriana Lima  https://www.instagram.com/adrianalima/?hl=en

At 36 years old Adriana is still one of the hottest women alive.  I count her as an internet model because all models are now internet models.

4.  Meika Woollard  https://www.instagram.com/meikawoollard/?hl=en

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At only 13 years she has the world ahead of her.  She’s already signed to IMG.  She’s got a younger sister that promises to be just as successful.

5.  Karisha Terebun https://www.instagram.com/karisha_terebun/?hl=en

Karisha, like Tanya, has had a long career.  She is one of the most naturally talented models I have ever worked with.  Her body is perfect.  You can find her now at www.GeorgeModels.com

6.  Galina Dub  https://www.instagram.com/galina_dub/?hl=en

Galina is also a Mavrin model.  As with all their girls she has that trademark perfect ass and perfect skin.

7. Helga Lovekaty  https://www.instagram.com/helga_model/?hl=en

Helga has the cutest face.  That nose and brown doe eyes get me every time.  She also worked with Sasha Mavrin but does her own thing now.  And does it well.

8. Meredith Mickelson  https://www.instagram.com/meredithmickelson/?hl=en 

If ever there was an “agency” model look… it would have to be typified by Meredith.  She’s almost too pretty!

9.  Emily Feld  https://www.instagram.com/emily.feld/?hl=en

Emily is another young model that has a very successful career still ahead of her.  She’s an Aussie like Meika.  Emily is just as much a dancer/gymnast as she is a model.

10.  Sofia Patlandze  https://www.instagram.com/sofia_patlandze2005/?hl=en

I have no idea how to pronounce that last name!  But this young up and comer will likely rocket to the top of the list in about 4 years.  She jetsets about the world working as a model and is still just a kid.  Adriana Lima… look out!