Hey… let me warn ya… piracy.

If the piracy continues.  There’s going to be a problem.

I’ve been at this now for a while.  Let me tell you.  It hurts.  Margins are actually quite slim.  If you know me… I keep an open mind about sharing.  If you want to share a few pics I don’t really care.  Technically you are breaking the law.  But… I think parts of “the law” are antiquated.

But what’s not “antiquated” is a site-rip.  Or posting new updates the same month it comes out… much less the next day.  It’s a special asshole that does that.

Then, even if you are not one of the “shecklers” online making money off my work… you are providing the content for them to do so.

Places like iChan are now run by these pirates that will actually take your “share”… delete the post from you… uploaded it to mountfile and make money off of it.   Same at ViperGirls and Kitty-Kats.  I occasionally monitor traffic and make sure you get a marked set.  If your marked set shows up… I’m coming after you.  Even if you are not trying to make money off it, but someone else is!

I know the places where it’s shared.   I am a member at most.  In fact, most of you have been tracked by me if you are also a member there.  yep… I got a few skillz too.

What will happen next is that I will troll the boards and forums and chans.  Gather your information and ban you from this site and report you to ccbill and you might not be able to buy anything from them.

I’m just about to the point of shutting iChan down like did anonib.  No… the first one.

Here’s where I want you to be smart.  If you are a member here to get content to sell elsewhere… ok, I know you will not listen to me… game on.

But if you are a member who posts a set or two from time to time… know that I’m going to catch you if you post recent updates or full sets.  If you live in the US… I’m going to take your house and you’ll likely lose your family and your job.  If you live in another country I’ll probably just call your local newspaper and let them know the places you hang around online and that there is “questionable” content there.   Seriously… I’ll do it.   I’ll also report you to all the websites you might be a member of.

All of us in the pretty girl picture business talk from time to time.  So you likely won’t be a member anywhere fun for long.

I caution you.  Be smart.  Again… if you posted a set that was 2 years old.  I’m not happy but I’m not tracking you down.  If you post 10 or so photos…  I actually appreciate the marketing efforts on your part.  Thanks.

But if you are site-ripping me or posting sets as soon as I release them… you will be caught.  Some of you already are caught.  You just don’t know it yet!!!

I’m not like Jimmy Stephens.  I’m not 100% anti sharing.  But there are very clear limits to what is acceptable.

Be smart.

Most of you think we are making $100,000s of dollars.  HA… that’s funny.  The most popular models don’t even put $20,000 in their pockets anymore.  At one time they did.  But piracy has killed it.  Now a good popular model might put $16,000 to $10,000 in the bank before taxes.  A photographer like myself makes a fraction of that.  And an even smaller fraction running the billing.  Seriously… like 2% for running the billing.

Jimmy Stephens use to brag he had 400 current paying members at the height of TTBs.  That’s a ridiculous number now.  No one has this.  Not GM, not GMag, not the “Marvel” websites (I don’t think… I don’t know for sure… they don’t do memberships.)

The sites make money off of about 50 “true fans” and about 50 so-so fans… and about 10-50 new fans each month that likely never buy another set because they found it free somewhere else.  That’s it.

Yet… you go to look at a download indicator for file transfer and it has 4000 downloads.  Or go to Vipergirls and look at thread view statistic and it’s been viewed 10,000 times.

Guys… I don’t care if you hate me.  But think of the models.  I know one that’s buying braces.  One that’s trying to buy an apartment for her mother.  One is buying her first car.  One photographer takes 100% of their money and puts it towards daycare.  They aren’t spending your money on hookers and cocaine.  They are spending it on the same shit you do everyday.  For your family.  None of us are rich from this.

Finally… yes.  I know some models have gotten more modest and or have been around for so long you are not that interested anymore… well if that was really true the download counters wouldn’t be in the thousands and the view counters in the 10s of thousands.  People are still very interested.

It’s the piracy.