Meg, young great model that is new to you but shot long ago.

Back in ’09 I was convinced by some weirdo to participate in a shoot for two days that promised about 5-6 good models.

Back then I still believed people without solid proof of what they boast.  THREE models showed up over two days.  One was ok, one was good… one was shite.

Meg was good.

We tried to work again… but as is too often the case… her boyfriend was insanely jealous and convinced her not to work with me or ANYONE again.   I’m sure the boyfriend is long gone… but our work that day remains.

This was Meg’s 2nd or 3rd shoot… and being newly 18 years… she was eager to do something a bit less catalog and a bit more sexy.  I was happy to oblige.

There are several of the same image.  Different filter effects, muted tones, increased exposure.  You get to see my thinking process here on what I might have wanted.

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