Brittney Leigh Glaze, yep… I’ve worked with them all.

A hard drive crash killed 90% of the barely 18 year old Brit photos I had.  I was able to salvage just a few.

Flash forward a few years… and I worked with her again.  Flash forward a few years… and I worked with her one more time.  I think 6-8 years separate when I first and last worked with Brittney Glaze.   She had turned 18 within days of our first shoot.  I had a family emergency and had to cut the shoot short.  I almost canceled it.  I met Brit and her mom to pay them the money anyway… while I hurried back to SC.   I took one look at Brittney and I KNEW I had to work with her.  We actually just drove out into the country… grabbed a back road… and started shooting.

Not long after that… she “blew up”.  Became very popular and successful.

Brittney is one of the south’s most successful models.  She had (or maybe still has) a hunting show on cable and has been in about every catalog you can think of.

I’m not sure why… but my email inbox was FULL of requests for her recently… I’m nothing if not accommodating to the fans.

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