A Special TaoNudes LIMITED update.

Get it now.  This post will be up for no more than one week.  NO exceptions.  If you miss it I will eventually repost it, but no time soon. (removed 11/3/17, look for an update later in the year.)

NO Preview.  This is not the direction I want to take TaoZips in… But… I do believe in customer service.  This has be requested many many times.

No hint as to who this is.   Sorry.

A word on sharing.  I spend a lot of time when I put these in PDF.  The software I use isn’t cheap.  So if I find you sharing it… I’m going to ban on all of the sites I help.  And if you are in a Nation I can get to you… expect that too.

That being said if you want to share a photo or two in low quality… well the more savvy of you know how to do that… I’ll look the other way.

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