Karisha Terebun Update!

Sooo…. I’ve been asked about 10 times in the past month if I have any Karisha nudes.  The answer is… I’m not the the one to ask.  Also… I will say that I’m not aware of any distributed nudes of her.  I’m not sure why out of the blue this rumor started.

Karisha and I don’t talk.  We do business via a third party, but we have not spoken in years.  My personal opinion is that there are no public nudes of her.  She is very shrewed and calculating in her business.  She doesn’t leave much to chance.  So I think it’s just a rumor.  Again… Karisha and I don’t have much of a relationship so this is very much an outside opinion.
ser_6034 ser_6024
This update was shot by the photographer Yurchik.  He did some great work.  These were released on briefly on DashaModels.  That website was doomed.  But that’s another story for another day.  Be sure to support Karisha at GeorgeModels.com  .


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