Updates! Updates! Veta, Phoebe, Katya and Kristina!!

Here’s today’s update and the other three missing updates!

All in one post!  Remember… if your membership ran out between August 30th and September 7th… make a comment below.  (it will be invisible to all but me.)  I will verify your membership and send you the missing content!

We have Kristina, Katya, Phoebe and VETA!   (Preview… Thursday’s update is Cali Skye!)
Kristina is a NOT AT ALL SHY model you will be falling in love with.  There’s more of her after this set.  Phoebe is a well known model that many of you have asked me to include, this is Katya’s second set and we all know and LOVE Veta!


Just Veta Antanova img_3845


dsc_5277 dsc_5284


img_9658 img_9663


img_8141 img_8142


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